October 15, 2014


On October 2, City Councilman Mike Bonin issued a public position on the Archer Forward plan. He outlined dozens of changes that needed to be made to the original plan in order to earn his support.

Many of the councilman’s proposed modifications were the result of the comprehensive and productive stakeholder process we engaged in over the years. After careful consideration, our Board of Trustees has determined that a revised Archer Forward plan, incorporating the Councilman’s required changes, would still contain the essential elements to deliver a world class education to tomorrow’s women leaders.

As a result, The Archer School for Girls is pleased to announce that it is prepared to agree to the Councilman’s proposed changes.

We look forward to creating a joyful 21st century learning environment, and a campus that is a source of pride for the entire community.

To learn more about the revised plan, please click here.